Disable Month and Year upload folder for WordPress

Organize uploads in month-year folders
WordPress settings to enable or disable month and year folder structure for media uploaded in single or Multi-site installation.

Setup guide for setting WordPress directory to enable or disable monthly folder structure for media upload in single or WordPress Multi-site installation.

After every new installation of WordPress, default value for monthly and yearly upload is enabled in-case of single and multisite. So we have option to disable from settings tab, hence no need to add or code modification of any WP files.

Disable for WP single site:

Disable WordPress year and month media upload folder structure is pretty simple. Just to change option from enable to disable in media tab.

Here is step by step procedure for updating media settings:

  1. Login to WP-Admin Dashboard
  2. Go to Setting tab
  3. Click on Media sub tab
  4. Check for “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders
  5. Un-tick the check box to disable
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If checked then Monthly and Year upload will be enabled, if un-ticked then disabled.

is now modified to

Disable for WP multi-site:

Disabling month and year media upload for WordPress multi-site is bit different from single-site. Even disabling folder structure using same above method was possible if you had changed the settings first and then setup network site.

Now here is procedure to disable in WordPress Multi-sites:

  1. Login to Dashboard
  2. Go to Network Admin
  3. Go to Sites tab
  4. Click on Edit link for particular site.
  5. Toggle to 4 tab under it – Settings
  6. Look for “Uploads Use Yearmonth Folders
  7. Change the value in text field from 1 to
  8. Save the settings.
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Value 1 indicates Enabled, while 0 indicated disabled.

is now modified to

Note and Conclusion:

You need to always save ‘Premalinks‘ after any modification in permalinks or folder structure in-case of blog URL or media upload URL.

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