Download and install mod_pagespeed on Linux server

A guide on downloading and installation of Apache mod_pagespeed using SSH login on LAMP server developed by Google.

The mod_pagespeed is code library developed by Google for Apache to make website faster in loading and also to get indexed by Google bots easily.

Downloading and installation of mod_pagespeed is very simple easy. Very first we will download the latest version of mod_pagespeed from Google servers into server directly and then install it. Minimum requirement of Apache 2.2+ should be installed on server.

Install Google PageSpeed on Linux server

Install Google PageSpeed on Linux server

For download, depending on server operating system you need to select PageSpeed module.

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For Linux 64-bit version:

For Linux 32-bit version:

Once the file is downloaded on server, next step is to install. To install pagespeed module, run following command in SSH terminal:

As you have successfully installed the mod_pagespeed on system, remove the .deb file to empty the space. Remove by using following command:

To make the changes effective, restart Apache server using following command:

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Hence now mod_pagespeed has been installed on web server.

Note and Conclusion:

Restart the Apache server every time when you have done any changes.

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