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Editing PDF is now became easier with these new software and PDF converters without loosing images or modifying any text content format.

Sometimes life throws us a PDF file. It’s great in terms of portability. PDF are independent of any application software, hardware or operating systems.

But what if you needed to edit a PDF file? The requirement isn’t that rare, in fact, I’m sure you tried to edit a PDF yourself before stumbling into this article.

But fear not because we have the appropriate solution for your editing dilemma.

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There are a number of methods available to help you annotate, comment and edit texts in your PDF files. You can even completely replace the entire thing if you want.

So we have provided 3 of the most common ways you can modify your PDF:

Adobe Acrobat

Admitting the fact that Adobe Acrobat will cost you money but it is a very useful productivity app to have with you. It is also very easy to use.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat

Follow the steps below to successfully edit a PDF file

  1. Install and open Adobe Acrobat
  2. Click on “file” and the click “open”.
  3. From there browse your file and click open it.
  4. The turn on “Show Advanced Editing Tools”. This will be located under “Advanced Editing” which is under “tools”.
  5. (optional) if you require editing images on the PDF the click “Touch up Objects” tool. You will find it in the advanced editing toolbar. Doing so will open the image in another image-editing program and automatically update the image in Adobe Acrobat.
  6. You can also edit the order of the pages in the PDF. The task can be performed by going to “view” then “navigation panel” and finally “pages”. From there you can change the order of the pages by click and drag gesture on the thumbnail of the pages.
  7. And the most important thing, editing texts. In the Advanced Editing Toolbar, you will see “Touch-up Text Editing”. After clicking on this option, select the text you want to make changes and – change it. Remember to use the same font as the original text.

And that’s pretty much it. Follow these steps and you would have successfully edited your PDF.

Here is the download link: Adobe Acrobat

Free PDF editing software

Now the question rises, is PDF editing that much important to you that you have to buy yourself a software? If the answer is no then we have another option for you.

PDFill PDF Editor

PDFill PDF Editor

In fact the entire internet does. There are plenty of PDF editing freeware available.

It’s pretty straight forward to use and just for consistency of the article, we have provided you with a bullet list of the steps:

  1. Google for “free PDF editing software”. Or you can Bing it, yahoo search or even Duck Duck go.
  2. Then find an app to your liking and install it.
  3. The editor would and must come with a “choose file” or “browse” option. Allocate your PDF with that and then open it in the editor.
  4. Now you edit it. Edit the images, add comments, and delete text, whatever you require.
  5. Now save your edited file and you’re good.

If you are too lazy to search for it then here is our recommendation: Free PDF editing software

So now you know editing your PDF by spending money and not spending money. But either way you may face a limitation- portability of the Portable Document Format (PDF) editor.

Online PDF to Word Converter

There is always an online solution to all your problems aren’t there? You can use online PDF to Word converter to edit your PDFs and you will have it on any machine with an active internet connection.

Solid PDF Tools

Solid PDF Tools

How to do it?

  1. As the above, search online for “PDF to text”. You will find plenty of such web services. Choose any, but try out the popular ones like “PDF to word converter”.
  2. Now you might have to provide your email address and name but it is optional.
  3. Import your file that you want to edit and they will turn it into a Word file.
  4. Open the file in a Word Editor(Microsoft Word) and edit that little pest.
  5. Now save the Word file, upload I again to the web service and turn it back into a PDF.

Here is link to start of your search: Online PDF to Word Converter

You can also convert this Word file into PDF by saving or giving print instruction in PDF.

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Conclusion and Note:

Now, my friend, you know how to edit that PDF file of yours. So go on, and take the adventure of your lifetime. Do let us know what method you used, though.

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