Send large attachment files via Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook

Email Large Attachment
Sending more than 25MB file is difficult but now sending huge mail attachment via Gmail or Yahoo or Outlook mail is easy using these methods

These days email inboxes are big enough to store several GB of data and technically there is no such limitation to not make a single message a few GB in size by inserting attachments.

But sadly, if you have tried you would know, it is not possible. Most email severs has a limitation of just 10 MB of data per email.

Gmail and Yahoo allow attachment size of up to 25MB and Outlook allows 20MB.

But as stated above, email as a medium of transport, can send documents of particularly any size. But this limitation is subjected upon us by email servers which will reject mail exceeding a certain size.

But there are means of bypassing this restriction and the method involves cloud storage.

Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive or even One drive will help you to send large files via emails. Here is how:

How to send large attachment via Gmail:

You can send a file up to 10 GB in Size by using Gmail and Google’s own cloud storage solution – Google Drive.

  • Primarily you have to upload the file you want to send to Google Drive.
  • Hover the mouse over the “attach files” button while composing a message in Gmail.
  • Select “Insert file using drive”.
  • Click “Share & send”- To send a link that gives permissions to alter the file in Google Drive.
  • Otherwise click “Send without sharing” – To just send a link to the file without permission to alter it. The recipient can download it of course and then alter it if they want.

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How to send large files via Outlook:

Basically, Microsoft Outlook sends large files just like Gmail does. Instead of using Google’s Google drive as a cloud storage solution, Outlook uses their own OneDrive.

Rest of the process- “attaching the files via link while composing the message” – is pretty similar to that of Gmail.

But this is not necessarily the only process. If you attach, suppose 10 files each 5MB and send then you will be prompted with an error message.

But you will also get a “You can send the attachment through OneDrive instead.”

If you allow this then the files will first get uploaded to Onedrive and then sent as usual.

How to send large attachment via Yahoo:

Unlike Gmail and Outlook, Yahoo Mail doesn’t have a native solution to tackle the problem. But you can use reliable services like Flickr or Dropbox.

Let’s just consider the example of using Dropbox. (Flickr will be almost the same with minor differences)

  • If you have a pre-existing Dropbox account than while composing your mail click the attachment button and click Share from Dropbox (provided your file is in Dropbox).
  • If you want to send via Yahoo’s default method then just compose the email and click the attachment button-then Attach from Computer.
  • Choose the file you want to attach
  • Press open and you will be prompted to use either Dropbox or Flickr.
  • Now if you don’t have a Dropbox account then you will have to create one. If you have one, or just created one, then link it to your Yahoo mail.
  • The file you attached will now be uploaded and stored in your Dropbox account.
  • After this, it is pretty similar to Gmail and Outlook. Send it to your recipient and they can download it without needing a Dropbox account.

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