Received Email warning from Google Plus ?

Received Email warning from Google plus stating violation of Google policies. Keep calm and don't worry. Make changes in your G + posting.

Received warning from Google+ via Email stating that you ‘violated Google plus policies’ and if you continue to do so you may face restrictions from Google including disabling some or all of your Google Plus features and/or suspension of other Google services.

This might have happened because of spamming, hate speech, hurting others sentiments, posting nudity and pornography, aggressively messaging people, adding violence and threating people, using G+ for commercial purposes etc.

Google is very strict in  keeping its products upto its policies .

What Should I do now ?

Do not worry, just don’t post anything on your Google Plus account for next 24 hours.

Problem actually occurred because you might have shared same post in a bunch of communities or links from a particular website, alerting G+ content filters to mark you as spam, or you might have posted abusive content. These are all against Google’s policies.

You can start posting on G+ after 24 hours.

To evade any such further warning from Google+ avoid the mistakes that people make while using Google Plus.

Conclusion:  Have patience, avoid the mistakes and you will never receive any Email warning from G+. I hope the post was helpful. Have a nice day :)

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