Enable Media Upload for Contributor role without Plugin

Add Media Upload for Contributor role
Enable Add Media Upload for Contributor Role for WordPress dashboard without using any Plugin but adding code in function.php file.

WordPress blog Admin who allow for guest post submission mostly use Contributor as default role for registered user. But the only missing function that is not provided to Contributor role is adding Media file into post they Submit for review.

To solve missing Add Media button problem there are few plugins which are available in WordPress Plugin repository. But using these plugin will create additional load on server. Hence we got a solution where adding few lines of code into function.php file will enable Add Media button on New Post screen for Contributor profile role (Screenshot below).

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Below is snippet code that needs to be added in function.php:

If you don’t want to add code or modify function.php file, then you can use this plugin which has option to provide addition capability of uploading files to existing roles.

Note and Conclusion:

I have personally checked this snippet code working for my blog. But I would recommend to take backup of function file before adding code or modifying it and also keep your file manager open to undo the changes if anything goes wrong.

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