8 Must Have Application for Android Smartphones

Essential Android Apps
Bought a new Android Smartphone ? These are few of our favorite and essential apps that even you would love to get in your new mobile device.

Have you recently bought a brand new Android phone and seeking for some amazing, helpful and fun Apps to download? Well then you have arrived at right place, here you will find out the information about the 8 essential Android applications, which will amaze you with the experience of utilizing them.

These applications will make your phone even smarter. So let’s get started!

1. Mr. Number:

Mr Number App

Mr Number App

There is nothing more annoying than the smartphone ringing while you are having dinner with your family or companions. Well, there exists an application waiting at Play Store for save your day. Mr. Number is one such application which blocks the incoming call or send back a voice mail to the caller party that your are busy right now.

2. SleepBot:

Want to know how good you are at sleeping? Well, SleepBot is an application that track your sleeping habit and tell whether you are good at sleeping or not. All you need to utilize the application is – enable the application and leave for the rest of the night and go to sleep. While you will be sleeping, Sleepbot would be sensing the sounds and movements made by your in the entire night. SleepBot may help you to give better report of sleeping observations to get good consultancy in response.

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3. Google Goggles:

Google Goggles Eiffel Tower

Google Goggles Eiffel Tower

Google Goggles works similar like google search but in the field of picture search. This is an application explores the detail of any image you want you know about, just take the snap of the picture and utilize it in Google Goggle and the application will find out the suitable results matching you image.

4. Waze:

Waze is an application that offers you a modern GPS solution. Most of the GPS applications you will find waste for android phones, but this one is worth useful. The most amazing feature of the application is – you will out your real-time driving information in Waze, also it will keep tracking and displaying up the speed with you are driving your vehicle.

5. DropBox:

Dropbox Photo

Dropbox Photo

After visiting above utility applications, time to move towards some refreshing applications. Dropbox is application which manages your music library, once it has synched your music within, you can access your music from any device and from anywhere by silly signing in to its platform.

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6. SwiftKey:

You might have been bored with utilizing the same android keyboard from months, time to change the keyboard. With SwiftKey, you can get a chance to access your keyboard with distinctive themes and skins.

7. Tasker:

Tasker App

The application allows makes your phone even smarter, you can schedule the tasks to the phone, which will be performed by the applications automatically. Tasker is found much helpful when you are at office or unable busy with other issues. You can explore a series of options with this application such as messaging, voice mailing, etc.

8. Firefox:

You might have used Firefox in your PC, time to explore it on your smartphone. The program quick loads the webpages in your phone and makes your internet surfing experience a lot better. You will find series of feature in this browser with android version.


These are few of our favroute apps that you must definately have in your Android phone to make your smartphone more smarter and useful.

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