How to copy or extract images from Microsoft Word file ?

A guide on extracting high quality original images from Microsoft Word Document file which cannot be copied or exported with full image size

Copying images from Word Document file result in low size and low quality images when pasted it in MS Paint or any other software. We have found the best technique to extract those images in there actual size and original images quality.

All we need to do is save that MS Word Document file into Web Page file. Saving into web will convert DOC into HTML file thus results in creating an additional folder directory where the files used in webpage will be available. And you can get all images in full actual size and quality in files folder.

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Steps to convert Word Document into Webpage HTML are very simple and quick. But first save all the edits in document file.

P.S: I am using MS Office 2007 version.

  1. Go to Office Button (or say Files)
  2. Hover to Save As 
  3. Click on Other Formats (separate dialog box will open)
  4. Select destination to save file and type File name: (Say, SampleWebPage)
  5. Select Save as type: Web Page
  6. Hit on Save button
Save Word Document as Webpage

Save Word Document as Webpage

Now go to the destination folder and check for the files folder (SampleWebPage_files), all the files will be available with actual and original images quality.

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Note and Conclusion:

All the files like Images, PDF, audio MP4 whatever was added inserted into Word file will be available in *_files folder.

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