Facebook changes for better Graph Search and News Feed

Facebook search feed
Facebook has recently changed its UI for mobile version in Android phone chrome browser for better Graph Search and News Feed.

Last year Facebook has updated its normal search and UI to advanced Graph Search. This year it has also changed search for Facebook mobile version for Android Phones and claims that these changes are done for better Graph Search and News Feed.

This look is visible and available for Android OS browser users (chrome browser, firefox).

Reason behind these changes are to improve user experience with better and more filtered search result like desktop version search. And to provide better news feeds with infinity scrolling.

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Take a look at below chrome browser screenshot took from Android phone:

Facebook search feed

Facebook search feed

We have observed some good changes in new GUI as mentioned below:

  1. Search box is place in Top position.
  2. Graph Search is implemented (previously it was simple search)
  3. News Feed icon added.
  4. News Feed changes pop-up count notification.
  5. GUI is faster and quickly loaded.
  6. Sorted and provided all the options on right navigation touch.

Note and Conclusion:

Facebook wants to improve its user experience better and further possible. It has improved a lot in recent years and made it more user friendly and browser friendly too.

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