Facebook created a link Tor for anonymous access

Facebook introduced a Tor link to access more anonymously to protect your privacy.

One of the first things that prohibit authoritarian governments on the Web is accessing social networks . It is assumed that the Tor network helps prevent restrictions and access content anonymously, but Facebook had shown some resistance to this possibility so far . Through a single official announcement, the Legion of Zuckerberg introduced a new link to visit the social network from Tor without getting caught in the vagaries of the security algorithms.

Privacy and anonymity on the Web definitely make one of the most sensitive issues of the technological world. The idea of regulating the Web is not new and there are many agencies that exploit the chaos of the debate to collect any information on users. The position that “there is nothing to hide if you are within the law” without foundation, though official channels does not seem to matter much to say. On more than one occasion I said that you must defend yourself and there are plenty of tools to do so. The Tor network is popular for its free use as its effectiveness, beyond the occasional problems with its performance. Very few sites that have decided to recognize the importance of Tor as a safe anonymous access road, however, this has changed recently.

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Facebook Tor

Now Facebook announced the creation of an official link to access the social network via Tor .The exact address is https: //facebookcorewwwi.onion/  and establishes a clear change in its position on the anonymous network. On previous occasions, most users must deal with multiple problems because the safeguards incorporated to Facebook saw Tor as a botnet trying to introduce malicious traffic. In several cases, this classification proved to be real,but legitimate users who wanted to enter constraints preventing local governments and their suppliers, paying the price with poor visualization of the site, and very little connection stability. The official link of Facebook for Tor should improve these aspects.

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As expected a high profile decision has consequences. In short, half hour I’m trying to access the main website link with Tor and each of these attempts has left me in the digital void (Update: The seventh time lucky) . At the same time, we must ask how reasonable is to enter a social network like Facebook using Tor . In theory, Tor browsing requires a drastic reduction in the fingerprint generated by the user and the first item in the so called “blacklist” have always been social networking. The main reasons for Facebook to collect data is commercial, however, suspect that the social network becomes a “tag” and users already installed Tor. On the other hand, I guess anyone can create a pseudonym …

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