Facebook Graph Search, Simply Awesome Experience

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search feature for improving its searching capability and get search result based on people, places, things, likes and many.

Just had review of Facebook Graph Search, had a wonderful experience. Everything improved a lot in Facebook, more flexibility to search, photos, stories, restaurants, who liked whom, hobbies,  Games, Gadgets search and many more.

These are some of the images which I have captured while looking over the Search Graph features which was activated for me in later this evening.

Facebook search Graph gives you more search friendly results, you can search on any topic as in Google Search. It is giving away all the possible best result from your profile your friends profile.

  • You can search for: Friends, Friends of friends, Music, Games, Photos, Restaurants, Videos, and Bing Search more.
  • Way of searching would be just a simple text line, suppose I search like “People Who like Michael Jackson” it shows the result as follows
Facebook Graph Search People who like Michael Jackson

Facebook Graph Search People who like Michael Jackson

  • To get this feature activated you should have to register for its try as this feature is under Beta Testing phase.
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Follow up this link to give a try to Facebook Graph Search.

  • You can even go finer search like as Advance search on Google here which gives you full access to control what you wan to search, refine your search result.
More Refine Search

More Refine Search

  • Can change the view of search result as of List View or Grid View as per your request.
  • Searching photos and it look is awesome, you can find some pictures which your friends have posted but, you have never noticed it, also the pics where your friend has been tagged in.
Better Search Option Photos of Mark Zuckerberg

Better Search Option Photos of Mark Zuckerberg

  • This Graph search allows you even to search on web, like Bing Search (Microsoft Owned)
  • Best possible thing is that advertisers will be more benefited by this search because people search for relevant topics and get into the SERP where they can find your Advertisement helping to get more actual users.
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I think if Facebook  keep on introducing new and features every day, it will some how take over the Google Search Engine.

*SERP – Search Engine Page Result.

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