Facebook is not convince with the button “Dislike”

Facebook is preparing new action plans to extend his dominions, maybe resembling LinkedIn and they are also looking a positive approach of the dislike button.

After asking for practically the entire existence of Facebook a button “Dislike”, Mark Zuckerberg announced a round of questions and answers that Facebook might be considering, even if it were not exactly button I do not like, but a different tool, one that does not generate negativity. 

“We will finish making a positive element for Facebook users”, stated Zuckerberg. A telecommunication company explained that the fact that the only button available is that of“Like” helps people to share good feelings, so try to do something similar in place of the button I do not like.

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Still, not all butterflies and flowers to Facebook. Zuckerberg is clear that there are some feelings that the button “Like” can not transmit , so for a time were debating what other users may transmit feeling apart of appreciation. Although some people might accuse the CEO of sappy , it has a lot of reasons not to release the button I do not like, it could become a tool of cyber bullying.

Instead, it could be confirmed rumors that Facebook plans to expand into the world of work, secure communication and collaborative documents. Another option that Facebook scans is to look like LinkedIn, combining personal profiles with professionals .

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This latest project “would be called Facebook at work “, and through it might find professional contacts, maintain online meetings and create and share content and documents.In any case, it is distant future projects, and not something that will happen tomorrow. Will have to wait.

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