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Connect your Facebook account with twitter account and automatically enable all your Facebook sharing to Twitter Tweets and updated the same

Always posting on Facebook then coping same status and then log-in to Twitter’s account and pasting there and Tweet it, This is really a tired some job, especially who post daily more than a 10 post. So here I introduce How to Posting Facebook status directly on twitter? and this is very easy and simple only one time step up. It doesn’t required any skills and most of it, its totally FREE..!!!

Connecting Facebook to Twitter

First of all, you have to log-in to your Facebook account. If you don’t have an Facebook account. shame on me cause I don’t have any post on creating a FB account. Just kidding buddy, you may get account from here. Create a New Facebook account.

  • Now make sure that you have a Twitter account. If you don’t have twitter account now it shame for you, Cause I don’t know why the hell you are reading this article LOL. Don’t worry Click on this link to Create a Twitter account.
  • After you have Both the Facebook and Twitter’s account now its time to link both of your account.
  • After log-in your Facebook account, Click on this link Facebook to Twitter.
  • Clicking on above link opens a page where you have to log-in to your twitter account in popup window and then you have to click on check box.
  • After clicking on check box it with direct you to a new page were it is asked to authorize the Facebook to post on twitter and also Twitter to post on Facebook timeline.
  • And your job is done.
  • Make your you have click Check box properly and have settings according to your requirement.
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