Fetch and Render as Google Crawler Bot for indexing

Fetch and Render as Google is tool that will help webmaster tool to check crawlers accessibility and submitting website URL for indexing.

Google Webmaster Tools has a tool name Fetch as Google under Crawl section that is used for checking the Google Crawler-bots accessibility to any URL of website. When you get any crawler errors, then webmaster tools automatically suggest using Fetch as Google to check the link validity. This tool is also used for Submitting URL to crawl and index by Google-bots.

If you are submitting new articles or pages using XML Sitemap then Fetch as Google will be another option to submit for indexing. But is recommended to use XML Sitemap instead of Fetch and Render tool. Also there is limitation of submitting only 500 URLs in a month for indexing whereas unlimited URLs can be submitted using XML Sitemap.

Lets get into detail about Fetch and Render as Google in Webmaster Tools:


Fetch button will try to check and access the website URL specified. It will check whether Google-bots will be able to crawl or not. Based on fetching check it will show the status such as Complete, Not found, Redirected, Partial.

Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google

Fetch and Render:

Fetch and Render will perform deep analysis of page including content of page and files like CSS, JS, Images etc. If everything is rendered fine, then it will show status as Complete. Other status of Fetch and Render as same as Fetch button.

Fetch and Render as Google

Fetch and Render as Google

Submit to index:

Once you have perform fetch or fetch and render action, Webmaster Tool provide an option whether to submit the fetched URL for indexing or not. There are two methods to Submit for index:

  • Crawl only this URL: Google-bots will only crawl submitted URL and there is limitation of submitting 500 URLs per month for this method.
  • Crawl this URL and its direct links: Google-bots will crawl submitted URL as well as all the direct links on particular page. Limitation for this page is 10 URLs per month. If you want to index complete links on website or blog using this method, it would be better to create an HTML Sitemap and submit.
Fetch and Submit to index

Fetch and Submit to index

Note and Conclusion:

It is always better to use XML Sitemap instead of Fetch as Google tool. But if you are unable to generate XML sitemap file, then you have no other option can using this tool.

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I hope you have completely understood the Fetch and Render as Google tool. If you have any question or need help, then feel free to comment below.

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