How to find the 10 most retweeted tweets of any Twitter account

My Top Tweet is a free tool that allows us to determine which of the last 3200 tweets of any Twitter account has gained more retweets.

Twitter is definitely has a gauge popularity on the Internet, hence public figures, companies, celebrities, etc., used not only to communicate more directly with their communities and immediate way, but to get an idea of how much they can call care in an environment that is becoming as or more important as traditional media.

In Twitter there are several ways to see how popular a user: the number of followers, favorites, and retweets course. If you’ve ever wondered which of your tweets have been the most popular and shared , you can do with the tool My Top Tweet .


We have available a very large sea of tools to measure different aspects of the behavior of Twitter, and the same company recently launched Twitter Analytics . But if you want a simple gauge to investigate the extent of your most popular tweets or any other account, My Top Tweet it works pretty well.Whether you want to measure the tweets of a competitor in some important figure, celebrity, business account, your blog, or whomever; You can use this simple website to watch the 10 tweets that have received the most retweets of any user account that you log.

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The only limitation is that it only indexes the last 3200 tweets per account, but this is a pretty high number to be at least the amount in a few months or even years if left untreated for an account with thousands of tweets . My Top Tweet Statistics uses the same embedded Twitter and shows you the 10 most retweeted tweets, so you can also see the number of favorites, though the latter parameter is irrelevant for calculating the top 10.

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