Firefox Hello: Mozilla prepares an anonymous Skype

Firefox Hello is the alternative of skype and in ways it is much better and safer than there rivals.

The vast majority of services IM require an ID, needs a dedicated account credentials or other compatible service. At the same time, it implies that someone has saved this identification under a proprietary platform, which can be violated or sold to the highest bidder. Mozilla wants to eliminate that possibility through Firefox Hello an “anonymous Skype” and integrated into Browser does not need a user account.

It’s been a long time since I opened my Skype account. In fact, do not even have the client installed on the computer. Personally I think the text is much more efficient, and not all users are comfortable with video chat . There is also the detail of privacy . A text message is quick and sporadic. I honestly do not understand why a government agency would be interested in collecting Skype sessions (after all, a terrorist who uses Skype is not very bright to say),but the fact is that all the evidence suggests that, regardless of what so remote the possibility that affect us. As if that were not enough, Edward Snowden insists that we must abandon Google, Facebook, and fundamentally Dropbox.

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Firefox Hello

What we can do is to explore alternatives, and one is in development . The name is Firefox Hello , a new feature in Firefox will allow us to make and receive calls both voice and video, secure and completely anonymous. How anonymously? Reports that Mozilla Firefox Hello requires no additional download and not asks the user to create a dedicated account (there will be extra features for those who wish to make) .Firefox Hello applies a scheme of secure invitations. When you want to communicate with someone, all you have to do is ask Firefox Hello to generate a unique link and share it via a secure way( encrypted emails and messenger-style future Hemlis come to mind).

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The best part is that Firefox Hello technology is based on WebRTC , therefore, any browser that supports the API (Chrome and Opera in general) can correctly process the invitations sent by users of the messenger. Another point to consider is that Mozilla created the service using the TokBox platform. Currently, Firefox Hello is available in beta builds of Firefox, but Mozilla has already announced that the final version will arrive “within weeks”.

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