How to: Fix the Main Google Play Store Errors on Your Android Device

If you are an Android device owner you may have faced errors in Google Play Store, while you try to purchase or download any app from Google Play Store. This happens to users who are running custom firmwares on their Android devices.

We have got a list of Google Play Store errors which you may have faced or trying to get rid of it, this list contains the Google Play Store errors which may occur while downloading or purchasing apps as well as the fix for each particular error.


How To Fix All Google Play Store Errors on your Android device:

Following are the errors that you may face or trying to get rid of while using Google play Store. Perform all the steps in order to solve the errors and you can use Google Play Store as you were using before.

Google Play – Error 491:


Downloads and Updates Impossible.


You will need to remove your Google Account on your Android device, Go to Settings> Accounts and Sync>Google and then remove your Google account. Restart your Android device and again add your Google account then go to Settings> Applications> Swipe left to find All Apps tab, then find Google Play Services tap on it, and click on clear data and force stop.


Google Play – Error 498:


Interruption of downloads from the Google Play Store


The problem is that the cache of your device is full. Delete unneeded applications and files. Turn off your device remove the battery wait for few seconds insert the battery back. Go to recovery mode by pressing volume down+Home+Power button. Now you’ll be in recovery mode a list will be displaying on your device screen. Select wipe cache partition and press power button to confirm it.



Google Play – Error 919:


Downloading the app works but it does not open once downloaded.


All you have to do is delete all the unnecessary files like video, music and photos to free your memory.

Google Play – Error 413:



Downloading applications or updates is impossible. If you use a proxy, remember that it may cause problems with the operation of the google play store.


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Google Play Error 413 ( Means you cannot download application and updates are stopped ). To solve Google Play Error. Go to settings then Applications->All->Google Services (clear data and then force stop)-> Google Play Store app (clear data and then force stop). After that clear your browser cache.



Google Play – Error 923


The download is impossible: error while syncing your Google account or insufficient cache memory.


Remove your Google account and delete any useless applications that are just taking up space. Next, reboot your device in recovery mode. Select wipe cache partition and start your device as usual. Don’t worry, your personal data won’t be deleted. Set up your Google account once again.

Google Play – Error 921


You can’t download an app.


Try deleting the cache of the Google Play Store application. If this doesn’t work, delete all the Play Store application data, but please be advised that this will consequently delete all the settings that you’ve already made. As a last resort, remove your Google account, restart the device and enter it again. 

For some of the problems, you need to remove and reinstated your Google Account. © AndroidPIT

Google Play – Error 403


The download is impossible and the request is ''forbidden''. This usually happens when two Google accounts are used to buy applications on one device.


Go the Google Play Store with the correct Google account. Uninstall the application in question. Next try to get the app from Google Play again and click the purchase button.

2nd Solution

Clear the proxy you have possibly set up by going into the settings, then choose Wireless and Networks (or More) and then Mobile Network. Select APN, which stands for Access Point Name and hit Clear Proxy Option. Afterward you can always reinstated the proxy.

3rd solution

Another solution would be get erase your entire search history which you can do in the Play Store itself by choosing the settings button. Next, select Clear search history.

4th solution

Try creating a new Google account and using it instead for the Play Store. Go to the Google Play, and select the menu button again. Then select accounts and choose the new Gmail account. Then re-install the app.

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Google Play – Error 492


It’s impossible to install an application due to the Dalvik cache.


Under settings, find Apps, then swipe to All and scroll down to Google Services. Here, select clear data and then force stop. Do the same on the Google Play Store app.

Note: If the problem is not solved, try deleting the Dalvik cache. To do this, enter the custom recovery mode (only if you have root). Another solution is to complete a data wipe/ factory reset. This option applies to all users and can be done in recovery mode. Beware, it will wipe your data so make sure you have backed up everything you wish to keep.

Google Play – Error 927


The download is impossible because an update of the Play Store is in progress.


Wait a few minutes until the Google Play Store is completely upgraded. If the problem persists, go to settings, then Apps, swipe to All and locate the Google Services. Tap on clear data and then force stop. Do the same with the Google Play Store application.

You have probably guessed by now that there is a standard way of alleviating some of these errors and if there is a problem other than those mentioned above, you could try following the same steps. Always be careful when wiping your data or doing a factory/data reset, this will get rid of your saved pics, files, contacts etc, so make sure you backup all your data beforehand.


Google Play – Error 961


Problems when installing Android apps from the Play Store.


First, get a refund from the Play Store, which you can do within 15 minutes of purchasing. To do this, select the repayment option in the Play Store. Next, go into the settings of your device and choose Applications and swipe left until you see ''All'' apps. Now scroll down to Google Play and choose it. Here, you want to empty the cache. And if the problem persists, choose to delete the data.


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