Case Study: Flipkart to #Flopkart #Fraudkart on BigBillionDay

Flipkart to Flopkart
Making lot of happy customer to sad, flipkart finally turned to a #flopkart and #fraudkart. All because of big promises about Big Billion Day

After promising to Indian customers to bring some best of best offer for complete day starting from 8 Am on 6th Oct to 8 Am 7th Oct 2014. Flipkart made it loyal and happy customers to very angry and sad. They are trending on Twitter and Facebook as #Flopkart and #Fraudkart on its Bill Billion Day i.e 6 Oct 2014.

Let check out how awful was there Big Billions promise.

One the customer had registered domain and explained about the service he had received from Flipkart on this website.

Flipkart to Flopkart

Flipkart to Flopkart

One of damn frustrated customer wrote an open letter to Sachin and Binny Bansal for products and service offered by Flipkart.

An Open Letter to Sachin and Binny Bansal (Flipkart)

Dear Mr. Out Of Stock, Thank you for offering “The Big Billion Day” sale. Today is the 6th of October, 2014 and it’s a day when you offered the biggest sale. Let’s start from the top. MY whole intent of writing this letter to you is to make you understand that you need a bigger warehouse and trust me on that because it is said to be believed that today is your biggest sale offering and most of your sale products(which you advertised) went out of stock in less than a minute!

I mean were you offering only 0.0001% of your stock of that product on sale? You were offering some phones at Re 1 and some at Rs 900. How many pieces of those handsets were being offered at the sale price? 1 or 10 or 100? Okay, for an instance let me believe that my net connection was slow(which is not the case) and I missed out of deals. But when I went to purchase a Macbook Pro which you were offering at Rs 49.5k your website did not allow me to put the item in my cart. After a lot of tries I get to see a page Error 500: Internal sever error where you are calling Houston trying to act smart!

Ah well! Let me tell you that I did not give up and tried refreshing a lot of times and finally went to the cart page. This took me about 5 minutes. Then surprisingly I see my cart is empty even though I had put the item in my cart. And after several attempts when I was able to checkout I see that you are showing that item, Out of Stock! What are you trying to do here?

Steal Deals!!! Steal Deals!!! Steal Deals!!!

What is there to steal in it when the same item is available at a lower price on your competitors website(Amazon this time) even though they are not making a GAGA about the discounts! The Canon 1200D with dual lens which you were offering at around Rs 26.5k today was being offered by at Rs 20.5k. same with Apple MacBook Air and other products. I don’t know why are you trying to fool us!

On 4th October 2014 I got a mail from both of you saying a few emotional lines about the start-up and how this will be big sale. You forgot to mention that it’s not a big sale, it is a sale which goes out of stock in 1-3 seconds.

Btw, your marketing guy is doing a great job! Super great job! Think of naming your next sale as, India’s biggest out of stock sale in 1 second! Do fire your supply chain guy. He hasn’t done his homework to predict the sales and I am sure he has failed a lot of times seeing my news feed about how Red Mi and Mi3 goes out of stock in seconds!

Yours sincerely,
A “Flipkart First” customer
To all those who could connect with this letter, please go ahead and share it. Don’t worry. This letter won’t go out of stock! And while sharing, make your privacy settings public for this post so that all the customers can see it because they could not have the privilege to see the products in their cart.

Source: Rohit Bhoot (Note)

Funny part of this entire sale is that is redirected towards India website. HaHa !! Ha !

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And adding to this, most funniest part is that is registered by Flipkart Internet Private Limited that too 4 years ago. 😀 Intelligent guys.

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