Best online tool for creating high quality Infographics for free

A list of online Infographics maker tools available for free to create, design and download the Infograph in high quality.

Great list of simple online Infographics creation tool that is available online to create a best Infographs and also allow us to download in high definition (HD).

Infographs are generally used for creating visual representation of some stats or graphs. Mostly used in business meetings, professors, students, even website owners to make there content visually simple and understandable.

Easel.y is very great program that has multiple templates which make creation on Infographics easier without making much change in design. allows to download newly created design project in High Quality, Low Quality and PDF.


Canva is another simple online program to make Infographics project depend on category required. It provide large number of templates in different category like social media templates, business templates, work, etc. according to need.

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Canva allow to download in moderate quality image and high quality PDF for free but, high quality download is available for pro-registered account.


Piktochart is awesome program to that has ultimate high quality templates. Easy to design and manage using different data entry points using excel sheet in case of different chart and graph stats.

Similar to Canva, allow download moderate quality for free but, high quality for pro- version which charges around $29 at month ($290/year).

Only allow to create charts and graphs using imported excels, CSV files. There are wide variety of charts that allow infographs to customize own way.

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Allow to publish inforgram online but, sadly download is only allowed in case of paid version.

Google Chart Tool

Google Chart allows to create and design Pie Chart, Line Chart, Column Chart, Area Chart and Tree Map . This chart tool is used for business meeting to represent stats in graphical data.

Free to download high quality images and use in presentations.

Note and Conclusion:

Mentioned tools allows to create free for limited count at initial sign up. To design more Inforgraph, you might need to go for pro-version which may burn pockets little.

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