FREEdi: play YouTube videos in background on iOS and Android

FREEdi is an option or as I see it, an "extension" to YouTube that helps you to play videos in the background.

When I used a Android smartphone for the first time, one of the things that bothered me was that the YouTube app from Google will not let play the videos in the background . I wanted to keep browsing the Internet listening to my favorite podcasts to YouTube without having to be constantly watching the video.

Still, I guess laziness never bothered to find an application that meets my desires. Today, for the chances of life I have ever dealt with FREEdi , a fantastic application that aside from getting my desired video playback in the background,it promises several interesting features of the sea.


FREEdi What to offer?

  • Play videos in the background : this is what I like about FREEdi, but this application is not alone in that.
  • Repeat videos .
  • No invasive advertising : there are no videos that we have to take five seconds or we have to endure for twenty seconds.
  • If you have Google account : you can create playlists, save bookmarks and watch the playback history.
  • With Google account : we can look our playlists, favorite videos, the videos we have uploaded to YouTube, which we have marked for later playback history, watch the videos of our subscriptions and watch the channels that we have subscribed.
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But now the bad sides , because I will not only take flowers to this application. FREEdi is not able to replace that of Google and the explanation is simple. It is a viewer, do not manage our subscriptions, can not add or remove channels and the same with the playlists, videos to watch later … etc .But if you’re like me and all you want to watch videos in the background, USAD Google’s official application and select the option to share FREEdi. For me it is like an extension FREEdi YouTube .

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How to install FREEdi

This specialized in consuming content from YouTube app is available for iOS and Android and it is free. It has an advertising banner, but it is not intrusive at all. The user experience so far has seemed fantastic to see what you think about it.

Do you know any app for YouTube to rival the official Google?


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