Gaze: Syncronize films remotely with friends

Gaze a fun way to share movies with your friends and watch them at a time.

Go to the movies with friends is a great ritual that allows us to enjoy a good time and with a little luck, a good movie. Unfortunately, the gap tends to be very complicated to solve factor, but Gaze is a service which does not reproduce the experience of a traditional cinema room bu synchronized playback of a video or movie with someone remotely and provides Real-time communication via chat and video conferencing.

The last time I visited a film was about three weeks ago and tried to go again within a few days.Personally I’m waiting for Interstellar which apparently is one of the few tanks that remain in 2014, accompanied by the first part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,Penguins of Madagascar for the little ones and of course closing the saga in The Hobbit . Despite the ease with which we can get movies these days (legal or not) I have always supported the idea of going to the movies. I understand that not all experiences are good and that the introduction of certain technologies was only to inflate the price of tickets but the balance continues to be positive. The downside is when friends or better half are away. There is nothing wrong with going to the movies alone, however,there are many who reject the idea outright. Now, if we only have to have a “movie night” and stay connected through the Web, the people behind Gaze proposes a very interesting option.

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To use the Gaze we not need any user accounts. Its only solid requirement is Google Chrome but these days that’s not a big problem to say. Gaze generate a URL link that we must share with the other person using the medium of our choice and once both are within Gaze, there are two options. The first is simultaneously playing a YouTube video. The site has a significant amount of documentary films and complete and there is always something new to see. The second option is more attractive:Load a movie locally . The restriction here is that both should have an exact copy of the film in MP4 extension on the H.264 codec, therefore, it is necessary to share via Dropbox, Google Drive or other services. Gaze not have a function to upload subtitles or off YouTube annotations, but I imagine it will be a matter of time.

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Sharing movie

Another aspect (pretty obvious by the way) is that Gaze operate unhindered within local networks.Any computer connected to the web with Chrome installed is able to open the link and if the film has been stored on a common server, two or more people can load it. In that case, it is logical to assume that everyone could get together in front of a screen and watch a movie but do not forget that a local network is able to cover multiple physical spaces and for a specific purpose if someone does not have a chance to move,and in these circumstances Gaze becomes a viable shortcut. The service is asking for feedback from users. If you decide to try it, be sure to share your suggestions.

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