Gmail Vs Microsoft Outlook ? which is best mail service?

Gmail Vs Outlook
Comparing Google's Gmail and Microsoft's new mail service provider for features, performance, and storage for better mailing

I have been using Gmail account since 2008 and almost liked it lot. But recently added my name to Outlook and hence, it impressed me more than a Gmail. But its not true that I am totally switched to new Hotmail Outlook mailing service. I am still in beta phase of switching it.

Outlook had impressed me a lot, and also confused me, confused because now I am having tough Question in my mind to whether have Gmail or Outlook.

Security and Sign in

Outlook offers “Sign in with a single-use code” which allows network to send a one time password to sign in any of your Microsoft account, using this you may login Hotmail, Outlook signin, and even your Windows live account. This is better option for those who uses the account in public places, internet cafe, other than home personal computers.

In case of Gmail, it has the “2 step verification” process which adds same security to avoid hacking where after you Sign in through your password, a second layer of  a security code text is received on your mobile. This code must be verified to access your account.

  • Both got equal points.

Create a rich text HTML Email

Both Gmail and Outlook allows you to create the HTML rich email including images, text, GIF images which ranks them almost same in this category.

  • Both got equal points.

Storage and Space

Gmail allows you to store about 10GB of free space in your email, and to increase this limit you have to spend some buck to buy more space.

In-case of Outlook, It provides you the Unlimited GB of storage. It has the function that when there is increase in requirement of space, it automatically increases this free space capacity making it unlimited storage for email.

  • This adds plus point for the Outlook.

Social Integration

Gmail does not support with the social integration, one bad thing about Gmail is that it is not even integrated by it own Google + Social networking site. Its allow chat only through Google Talk friends.

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Other side, Outlook has all the main social networking integration includes Facebook, Twitters, its very own Windows Live, Yahoo, LinkedIn and many more. Outlook has integrated messenger in right side bar, which allows to chat with your friends on Facebook, Windows live, Google talk, Yahoo messenger all at one portal.

  • This again add plus point to Outlook.

Import Contacts Automatically

Gmail can import the contacts form your old account, or any other email ID which you have like Yahoo, Windows Live, which is limite only up to mail service provider.

But, Outlooks allows you to import the Email ID through all those mention above web email service provider including social site making it simpler to add new contacts automatically. Also when you add anyone as friend on Facebook, the email ID of that particular person is retrieved and added into your contacts automatically.

  • This again add plus point to Outlook.

Sending large file is easier

Gmail has limit on file sending capacity. It can upload and send file upto 25MB. If limited exceed it cannot be uploaded to send. For that you have to upload those files in Google Drive or Google Doc to send such large files.

Outlook has a better feature for sending large file. When you upload a file and if it exceed the limit then, outlook automatically send that file to upload in Skydrive and a link is added to the email attachment making ti simpler and easier to send large file.

  • Adds the plus in Outlook.

Recovery of deleted Mails

Deleting messages in Gmail cause it to move into “Trash” box and this trash box automatically delete after 90 days. Once it had deleted that trash box Email than it cannot be recovered.

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While in Outlook, Mails are sent to “Deleted” box and even if you deleted those mails form “Deleted” box it has option to recover all those mails.

  • Adds the plus to Outlook.

Import all your mail in one Inbox

Outlook have exciting feature of importing in one Outlook mail. This is done by POP mail server. This is exactly same feature of Microsoft Outlook Software to manage large Email addresses.

In case of Gmail, it does not have any kind of POP mail server to import other mails. But, it can forward incoming emails to any email address specified.

  • Adds the plus to Outlook.

Note and Conclusion:

From all the above points we can say that, Windows Live Hotmail Outlook has all exciting features that Gmail doesn’t have or yet to come, that make outlook drive more users recent year then Gmail but still we can’t say anything about Google as it is Google and we don’t know what will be Google’s next step.

We will be updating more about Gmail and Outlook in coming post on SmartGeekBlog.

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