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Answering - Is it possible to have multiple Google AdSense account by one person who is having multiple bank accounts in different banks.

Recently there was a question raised by a online blogger on having multiple Google AdSense account with different bank accounts on single persons name. The guy had question whether it is allowed by Google to have more than one account with single person. And is there any risk of having multiple accounts.

Answer was replied some of the renowned experts in blogging and online money making with Google AdSense. Answer was very simple and realistic in nature it was — NO.

Having multiple bank accounts has nothing to do with multiple bank accounts. If a person operate multiple AdSense accounts at the same time, he could be running the risk of getting caught by Google. If you are doing genuine publishing, I see no reason for operating multiple Google AdSense accounts. If you use a single AdSense account, over a period of time, you will build reputation for that account and that will save you from getting disabled.

Even though Google policies allow multiple people in the same address to have separate AdSense accounts, in some Asian countries, they usually do not approve such applications. They would consider that same person is applying in different accounts.

We all know Google is very intelligent, and if Google paying you for something then obviously it will do lot of background check.

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Some of background check includes (assumptions):

  1. Whether the person has multiple Google AdSense account.
  2. Does the person have multiple account with same address.
  3. Does the person use multiple account with same IP address.
  4. Does the person belongs to any of Asian countries.
  5. How long the account is being used by the person.
  6. Whether Ads clicks IP and account login IP is same or different and so on.
  7. What is the percentage of CTR on AdSense ads.

So don’t dare to fool Google by having multiple Google AdSense accounts on your name or even on your family members name with same address. Be careful, once its gone then it gone forever.

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2 Responses

  1. Alok says:

    I need a separate AdSense account for my business, should I need to create a new email id as well ? because Income tax is huge for my savings account.

  2. Hari says:

    Hello Sir i i already have a adsense account and want to apply adsense for my other site with other mail id. Is is possible ?

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