Top Best Google Adsense alternatives for online income

Alternative to Google AdSense
A very few Ads serving network which are good and real apart from Google AdSense. Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor have topped.

Every Website owner or Blogger knows that the Google Adsense is the best online earning portal. But getting an Adsense account is much difficult as compare to earlier days. Google Adsense has changed it lot of policies for getting an account. Most of the people had spend year together to get an account. But they failed to get. All is because of strict Google policies.

So here I bring the Top BEST Google Adsense alternative which is rated and like the user of itself to make some penny. Here are some of the list of online Ads Serving companies: Clicksor, Infolinks, Chitika, Ads), and More.

Use our Smart AdSense Earning Calculator for estimating your earning based on your current data.

Here are some of the Best 10 top most paying AdSense earning alternative (Randomly Added):

Infolinks Ads:

Many times you might see that when you hover on a link it displays an Ad in that keyword. That is Infolinks Advertisement. They’re specialized in In-Text advertising i.e., Infolinks indexes your page looking for keywords and phrases that are not currently linked and converts those words into advertising links. Best thing is that you can use Infolinks ads to compliment your other advertising programs like Adsense.

Payment: They pay you either by Wire transfer, Automated Clearing House ($400 min) or paypal ($50 min).

Clicksor Ads:

It’s one of the most popular advertisement networks and a good alternative to Google Adsense which is available for free on the internet. They allow you to earn through different ad-formats like In-line Text Ads, Contextual Ads, Rich Images and more. You can earn up to 60% of the revenue share, depending on the performance the advertisers attain on your website placements and clicks they got. Some times ads seems annoying  to users by various pop-ups or hiding the content, but the earnings we gain are bit higher when compared to other ad networks.

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Payment : You will have the chance to receive your payments either by check or Paypal and the minimum payout is $50. The payments are made twice in month.

Bidvertiser Ads:

A professional contextual advertising network that Offers only contextual and feed advertisements. It is very similar to Google AdSense. Displays textual ads depending on keyword of your site. One draw back of Bidvertiser is that you will not get enough earnings until unless you get very good traffic. I recommend to use it only high traffic.

Payment: Best thing I like about it is minimum payout. It allow minimum payout of $10 is offers and send by both Check and Paypal Methods for payment.

Chitika Ads:

A leading advertising company with a network of more than 1ooo’s of blogs and websites with brand advertisers and merchants. It also allows you to earn from affiliate program where we can earn up to 10% of what our each referral earns. It is best option for those who are writing a product niche blog. The Chitika generally places the ads on product buying and selling.

Payment: It is also good for payment as Chitika supports both PayPal and Checks system. Minimum payout for PayPal is $10 and for Checks is $50.

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Text Link Ads:

Text Links Ads service allows you to make money by selling text and in-line text ads on your website or blogsite. Here you have option to choose price and sell textual advertisements on your site. But the worst thing about this is they offer 50/50 net revenue share for all ads sold on your site. Whereas Adsense and other provide you around 60% of ads sharing.

Payment: It supports Check, PayPal, Payoneer or TLA Voucher. Minimum payment for check is $25. Text-Link-Ads Prepaid MasterCard is $25. No minimum for PayPal payments.

Kontera Ads:

These are in-line contextual ad networks that double-underline the keywords in our site. Some users may however find this annoying since there advertisement appears in a pop-up window like clicksor. Best for content rich Website and Blog. Even it is on top list but, I personally don’t recommend this.

ClickBank Ads:

This website behaves like an affiliate program network and provide an interface between Advertiser and the publisher.

Note and Conclusion:

I am not affiliate to any of these advertising site mentioned above. List is based on market search and all of users experience. All the website above might change there ToS accordingly with time.

If you find any changes please inform us by commenting on this article. Also please share your personal experience with any online advertisers, We will be glad to know your experience.

Tip: To make money online, all you need lot of patience, full time dedication and  last most hard work then Success is definitely yours.

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  1. Mohd Arif says:

    The one ad network that made me a lot of money was Google Ad Exchange. It’s the by far the best AdSense alternative for me. I signed up via a company called MonetizeMore. They provide access and optimize it for you. I use it for my blog and it’s been great!!!


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