Google+ URL without adding extra characters or numbers

preapproved and custom google url
Steps to get Google+ URL link without adding extra characters like numbers or alphabets in URI and have a unique personalized link address

It is very easy to get Google+ URL link without adding extra characters like numbers or alphabets in URI.  The unique personalized link address for your business page will have a great impact. This procedure might take a little while to get the pre-qualified URL, but you will get it definitely only if it is available.

We got our personalized Google+ Page URL for our site: It took us 5 days to get pre-qualified personalized URL without any extra characters and same might take in your case too.

Note: You might get pre-qualified Google+ URL, only if it available and unique.

Here is how we got pre-qualified Google+ URL without extra characters:

  • Completed website verification of URL using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Completed contact verification of Business E-mail ID using E-mail received from Google after adding E-mail address.
  • Added profile and cover picture for Google+ page.
  • Added Tagline and Introduction description on profile.
  • Added other Social Networking links (Facebook and Twitter).
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Custom URLs for Google Plus page

Once you have completed the above steps, you will immediately get a highlighted pop-up for choosing the Google+ URL but it will ask you to choose some extra characters. Now do not enter or select anything, leave the page for some days (it took 5 days for us) without accepting the suggested URL.

Preapproved URL and Custom URL

After few days, if your username or page name is available and unique in Google+ database then Google will pop-up with two options to choose URL.

  1. Pre-qualified URL – without extra characters.
  2. Customized URL – which allows you to add some extra characters.
Preapproved and Custom Google+ URL

Preapproved and Custom Google+ URL

Confirm custom URL choice:

Choose the first option for username without extra characters and confirm your choice. Once you are done, your long URL will change to personalized URL.

Confirm custom Google+ URL choice

Confirm custom Google+ URL choice

Successfully claimed the custom URL:

Once you have confirmed your choice, your long Page ID URL will be redirected to Google+ profile custom URL.

Successfully claimed Google+ custom URL

Successfully claimed Google+ custom URL

This URL will be also applicable for new changes to YouTube channel URL.

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Notes and Conclusion:

  • Username should be unique and available in Google Plus.
  • Need few days to get pre-qualified URI (A week at-least).
  • Need to complete all pre-requisites.

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3 Responses

  1. Ralph says:

    Wow, you guys rock!
    I created 3 G+ pages for 3 domains and tested your approach + I also tested 1 page with only a verified domain and verified contact email + I tested 1 page with nothing but a verified domain (no cover, no tagline, just nothing)… 4 days later all 3 of ’em are eligible for preapproved custom URLs with absolutely zero extra characters. So, the “secret” is in waiting a few days. I can’t thank you enough for getting me on the right track and I hope this post climbs higher in the SERPs, so more people will know about this. Thank you!

  2. Larry Swanson says:

    Thanks so much for this. I actually got my extra-character-free URL in just a couple of days. I followed all of your instructions, and I also asked friends to follow the page. Don’t know if that’s what accelerated things, of course, but it might be worth a try for others.

  3. Diana says:

    Hi there – thanks so much for this post! The step I’m a bit confused about is “Completed contact verification of Business E-mail ID using E-mail received from Google after adding E-mail address.” I’m new to using Google Analytics and Search Console, so perhaps I’m missing something obvious. Is this step to be completed within Google Analytics, or in the settings for the Google+ account? I have a feeling I’ve already done this at some point… but I’m not positive. If you could provide a bit more detail that would be great! Thanks so much :-)

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