Google Wallet now allows spliting the bills with friends

Google has just launched another major update to the official app of iOS for their mobile payments platform, Google Wallet .

For starters, the new update of Google Wallet for iOS introduces a revamped interface that is in line with the philosophy of Design Material of Google, which favors “flashy graphics, fluid movement and tactile surfaces”.

The application interface has also been optimized with native support for resolutions screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus . But the improvements introduced by the new update of Google Wallet beyond the interface, which also includes several significant features .

Bill split

Undoubtedly, the most notable of these is the added support for dividing the positions among a number of users of Google Wallet. This allows easily split the cost of any transaction with other users, for example, your friends in a bar or restaurant.Participants are duly notified of their respective balances,they can choose to settle or reject.

Another new remarkable feature the new version of Google Wallet for iOS is the integration with Touch ID.This allows access to the app quickly and securely using just your fingerprint on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.Google Wallet now offers offline access to their loyalty cards and gift cards.Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later, Google Wallet is available in the App Store for free.

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Google Wallet for iOS received its previous major upgrade early last month, introducing support automatic refills balance alerts and low balance .Last month, it was reported that Google Wallet was one of the mobile payment services that had gained additional strength thanks to the wide adoption of Apple Pay .

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