A Complete Google Webmaster Tools Guide for Bloggers

We have created a complete end to end guide for using Google Webmaster Tools for Bloggers and website owners. It will help for Google Search.

Google Webmaster Tools is great and very important tool for any website owner or blogger. It is used for tracking the performance of website or blog in Search Engine. It provides suggestion for HTML improvement, report 404 pages, checks hacks and malware on site regularly and many more.

In following article we will be giving a brief idea about each and every aspect of Google Webmaster Tools in details. We will be also explaining with our own case study to give better idea about how to use Google Webmaster Tools and how important it is for any web owners.

Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Starting Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Registering Webmaster tool Account is very easy and free of charge. All you need is a Google account or GMail ID to get registered and enable Webmaster Tools.
  • You need to add New Website Property or Android App into webmaster tools. Website property is nothing but the domain name you want to track and use in webmaster tools.
  • Once you have added the property, you need to Verifying your ownership just to protect the illegal use of some else property. There are 5 different methods to verify your property. We suggest to use either HTML file upload or adding TXT record in DNS.

Working with Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Next step would be Submitting XML Sitemap which is helpful for notifying Google crawler-bots about new articles or pages that need to be crawl and indexed. If you are a WordPress CMS blogger, then you can use few WordPress plugins to generate XML Sitemap file.
  • Alternative to Submitting XML sitemap, Fetch as Google can also be used for asking Google Crawlers to fetch and submit the new page or article to index. This is very tedious job as you need to fetch individual URL every time if updated or added. It also has a limitation of fetching 500 URLs monthly.
  • As most of visitors these days are using Smartphones and tablets to access internet, Google has made changes to search algorithm were Mobile Friendly site will be ranked higher. Hence making the website Mobile friendly is more important. You can use Mobile Friendly Test to check the ratings and recommendation to improve mobile view of your site.
  • Making your website faster is very important as Google loves fast website to crawl and display in search result. PageSpeed Insight Test will give an idea about how is your website’s performance, what are areas of improvement and recommendation to making faster website.
  • Robots TXT Tester is used to allow or block web-crawlers on your website. If you have added any unwanted snippet that is blocking your site then you can check using Robots TXT testing. It can be also use to check whether a blocked URL is not crawled by Search engine bots.
  • If Google is displaying any website URL that should be displayed then you can immediate block it by using URL Removal Request tool. Your unwanted URL will be removed in couple of hours if it is notified using tool.
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Tracking and Analysis of Webmaster data:

  • Search Console Analysis will give a analysis of search keyword that is driving organic traffic towards our site. It will give the position of URLs, Impression in search and clicks from search engine. This report is very important to know which keyword is working best for us and which keyword needs more improvement. Search Analysis will also give change (up or down) in organic traffic for specified date range.
  • Keyword Analysis will provide information about website keywords that are more relevance with compared to other keyword.
  • Crawler Error will have a detailed information about which URL is facing 404 error issue and track server to web browser connection issue that is leading to errors. It is always important to keep Crawler Error to Zero.
  • Crawler Stats provide information about how many pages are downloaded every day and time required to download each page and Index Status provide the number of pages that has been index into Google search engine for display and also the number of URLs that are blocked by Robots TXT file.
  • Link Analysis will provide information about in-bounding links from outside and also internal links website has created.
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Do more with Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Integrating Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics will help to check performance of overall website in detailed view in Analytics dashboard. It will all collect the data from Webmaster Tools and provide detail insight of Search Keyword driving organic search from Google.

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