Google search have answer every What, Who, Where, When?

What is capital of India
Google is powerful search tool that it has answer to all What, Who, Where and When query. Bring out best result of question in display SERP.

Google Search Engine have best and powerful search result. Today this morning I was searching Where is Zurich? and I found this awesome type highlighted  of search result.

Further I tried some other type of queries, When is Sachin Tendulkar birthday?, Where is London? and so on these got same kind of highlighted search in Google.

I was surprise so I thought of surprising you all with these information. I have also tested with other “WH” type questions some had worked and some don’t.

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Query “q=Who+is”

Who is president of USA

Who is president of USA

Query “q=when+is”

When is Chrismas celebrated

When is Christmas celebrated

Query “q=Where+is”

Where is London

Where is London

Google Try to find best of many pages to display result. Most of all content it refers Wikipedia to show its result of query.

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Google search had improved lot since last 2 years and is improving day by day making life easier by answer all question in any kind in quickest possible way. I coming future don’t know there might be more surprise from it.

Hope you love this awesome result display from Google.

Also try this queries:

  1. What is US currency?
  2. What is temperature of Sun?
  3. How far is Moon?
  4. Who is  prime minister of India?
  5. When is Brad Pitt’s birthday?

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