Greenshot, the best tool for taking and editing screenshots in Windows

Greenshot is a free and open source application that allows us to take screenshots in Windows and includes an editor that is easy to use image.

In Windows you can take screenshots without using any third-party tools , of course, you have many additional options for editing. You can not choose many output formats, you can not edit the image right away, you can not select segments or space freely,can add much less effects. There are several tools that work well and are simple like Lighshot . There are other more complete and with many more extra features such as WinSnap , but the latter is paid and free version of that is nothing but a waste of time.
If you do not have in your budget to pay for a single tool to capture screens and want something that allows you to edit the image and add details without having to open another software to capture and want to leave, you must try Greenshot .

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Free and open source


For a long time I believed that there was no Windows equivalent to what is Shutter in Linux. A tool for capturing screens have everything I need.Greenshot not only lets you capture any region but also give you the chance to capture window, application, desktop, or even a Full web page.This software includes a built-in for you to make quick adjustments and simple in a couple of clicks editor. Besides this you can export images in various formats, then share them on social networks or storage in the cloud.

Greenshot is completely free and is open source.The program is ultra lightweight and keeps running in the background so you just need to press PRTSC on your keyboard or combine other keys for capturing a region or window. Each time you press the button to display a dialog capture option that allows you to do many things as you need appears. You can save directly capture the preferred format or choose a name and an output format by hand. You can also open the capture in image editor Greenshot which has many useful features and effects that apply with one click.

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greenshot-editorYou can add text, highlight segments with colors, delete or blur a section (eg phone, email or credit card numbers from a catch).You can add a shadow cast by a click on picture to make it look prettier.You can crop, rotate, resize, etc. And you also have a button to upload directly to Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Box, Photobucket and several extras. Greenshot is a good option for Windows without any doubt.

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