Know your Top Search Queries in Google Webmaster Tools

Top Search Queries
Top Search Queries tool from Webmaster Tools is replaced with Search Analytics. But you can still access Search Queries tool with old URL.

Are you Google Webmaster Tool user from a long time like me and also like Top Search Queries tools instead of new Search Analytics tools but you are not finding it? then this article is for you.

Google Webmaster had a Top Search Queries tool which use to display search queries for your website or blog. This tool was very simple and straight forward but lack few additional features which new Search Analytics tool has now.

But I liked the older Top search queries tool as compare to search analytics tool. Hence after searching on Google, I found the like to old Top Search Queries.

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This article is just for reference to old Top Search queries tool which I liked. If you too are looking for same Webmaster tools, then you can check this space.

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