Review: HostGator Hosting Server

Complete review of HostGator hosting server with pros and cons that will give an idea about why to choose or why not to choose HostGator.

[eafl id=117 name=”HostGator” text=”HostGator”] is another website hosting server after BlueHost which I would recommend to use. Why I have placed the HostGator after BlueHost Hosting because there service has been degraded in past few years and also they have been facing lot of downtime and power outage.

Recently due to lots of complaints by the users on online forums most of users have migrated from HostGator to BlueHost and other web host providers. But it is still considered among top host providers.

HostGator Review


Lets check about some features that only HostGator has but not many reputed web host doesn’t.

  • HostGator offer free web transfer from existing host to HostGator which indeed many host provider does not provide. Most of hosting companies either do not provide transfer service or charge of fee for transfer.
  • HostGator is cheaper as compare to few reputed website. If you are planning for long term purchase say 3 year, then HostGator offer best and low rate in market with huge discount.
  • It has round the clock customer support unlike many other web hosting support which offers only from 9 to 6 weekday support.
  • HostGator has huge knowledge base and tutorials. It also has video tutorial for quick guidance of most services it provide.
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Even if HostGator faces issues, it never miss a chance to make it customers happy by providing extended hosting due to power outage or any other reasons. If you are worried about HostGator, then alternative which I would suggest would be BlueHost and DreamHost.

Read below our complete review ratings for HostGator Hosting Servers.

HostGator Hosting Review
  • Overall Features
  • Dashboard Usability
  • Server Control
  • Long Term Reliability
  • Server Growth Scalability
  • Server Uptime
  • Knowledge Base and Wiki
  • Customer Support
  • Plans and Pricing


HostGator is one of the few best web hosting server provider across the globe. Most the business website and WordPress blog relay on HostGator. It is one of the oldest and reliable web hosting till date. I would suggest HostGator for your business and blog hosting.
If you are existing user of HostGator then please rate below and comment with your valuable feedback and experience with them.

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