How to Control Music Playback with Siri

Learn How to Control Music Playback with Siri

We all know that Siri can do many actions within iOS as: open an application, call or send a message to someone, send an email, save contact information, play music. But one thing few people know is you can also control music playback through our personal assistant Siri from iOS. If you want to learn to pause, back or forward a song and thousands of other actions within the music playback with Siri, you just have to follow reading.

Controlling Music Playback with Siri

Apple engineers work daily to make Siri more effective to the user experience and to meet the needs of users (even better). One option is giving us Siri control playing music, that is, to change songs, stop playing, put the list in shuffle mode. If you want to give it a try then, go ahead:

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  • First, activate Siri by pressing the Home button for a few seconds
  • "Pause": When we say one of two things, Siri automatically stop playback. Surely there are other commands for playback also stops.
  • "Resume play": In this case, Siri replay the song that was playing where you left off, press the Play would be like when we had it down to Pause above.
  • "Random": If you say this, playback will be random, ie, not follow the order of the application. We can do more complex command adding playlists or albums such as "Random Rock Playlist".
  • "Next": If we want to change songs we can do with this simple command.
  • "Go back" or "Play previous song" If we go back in the music heard enough to say this.
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They are very simple actions but can be run in different ways. Tell us if you have any type of problem then comment it below.

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