How to Disable the Animations and Make your Android Device Faster

Learn How to Disable the Animations and Make your Android Device Faster

When you installed many applications on your android device, the internal memory gets full, leaving the device heavy and cause the apps to log. Even with the updates and improvements of the new version of Android, it is likely that the operating system will work slow especially during transitions of application on your tablet or smartphone.

However, there are some simple settings that you can apply and run your device faster, for example, the animations on devices. With reduced or disabled animations, processing will be done faster and navigation will be clearly faster, making your life easier.

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Step 1

Launch the Settings


Step 2

In the settings, select "Developer Options".


Step 3

Within the Developer Options, scroll down to "Animations". There you will notice that there is three scales animator: "Windows Animation Scale", "Transition Animation Scale" and "Animation During Scale".


Step 4

Open each item animation, Now decrease the scale to 0.5 or disable it.



Ready! Decreasing or disabling the scale of the animations is enough for you to open and navigate through applications much faster.


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