How to Hide Your Status, Photo and Last Seen Status in WhatsApp

Learn How to Hide Your Status, Photo and Last Seen Status in WhatsApp

You probably already know how to do, and it is very simple. Recently WhatsApp had an update which added three new privacy options. With these new options you can choose to show your status, photo and last seen status to all your contacts or anyone.

Hide Status in WhatsApp!

Although many already know how to do this, I have been asked by people who ask me “how do you hide your last seen status and other things?” So I decided to write this short and easy tutorial for those who do not yet know.

To hide this information, you will need to only open WhatsApp and go to menu Settings> Account> Privacy.

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There you will have the option to change who can see your Photo, status and last seen status.


When you choose one of these, you’ll get three options: Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.


And this is how you can hide this information.For many it is important and necessary to hide your last seen status as there is very indecent people who use this information to complain when someone does not respond to your messages.


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