How to Make Google Chrome Run More Faster On Android

Learn How to Make Google Chrome Run More Faster On Android.

How to Make Google Chrome Run More Faster On Android.

If you have an Android device which features low ram or low internal storage, and if you run Google Chrome on it you may feel that your android device will lag and freeze because of Google Chrome. Google Chrome is heavier than other browsers; it lags on devices with low hardware specs.

Chrome will feel even slow if you’re already using really old device, it stores a lot of junk files from the cache of web pages that had been used. It stores data such as auto-fill forms and passwords.ChromeDroid-287x360

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There are a few simple tips that will let Chrome to run smooth despite the smartphone specs.

1 Open Chrome and enter the following URL:


2 Change the value to 256 or 512Screenshot_2014-08-06-14-41-30-300x533


3 Restart Chrome

Now, you should run Chrome it will run faster and smoother.

This method gives greater memory for Chrome though more flexibility in exploring and opening web pages. If you feel any problem or you have any problem comment it in the comment box below.

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