Best WordPress Plugins for HTML sitemap page

These are few best WordPress plugins to automatically generate HTML sitemap page using shortcodes. HTML sitemap is very important for SEO.

HTML sitemap page is very important for any blog or website. It is considered as one of factors that effect the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is different than XML Sitemap which is used for submitting in Webmaster Tools for site indexing.

What is Sitemap ? Sitemap page is nothing but a single page with quick links of existing pages and articles on your website or blog. links can categorizing for based on nature of article and type of topic you have written. It is different then XML sitemap which is used for Bing or Google Webmaster tools to index the web pages. You can check the Sitemap of SmartGeekBlog.

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Generating a HTML sitemap page manually is very hectic. If you are writing few articles every day, then modifying sitemap page manually will be very tedious job. So to handle this, WordPress community developers had given few best plugins that will automatically add and link your new articles or new pages in sitemap without any manual effort. This all are just one time setup and rest plugin do it jobs automatically.

Among all the HTML sitemap plugins, I found this plugin as very useful with great in-built features and customization options. Articles and pages are sorted and categories in decent way. Articles are looped into category and even sub-category to display in hierarchy.

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You can select and de-select any post type, taxonomies and custom post type to show or hide on sitemap page. It provide ability to hide any particular post with help or post_id.

To use this plugin, create a simple sitemap page and add shortcode as [[wp_sitemap_page]].

WP Sitemap Page

WP Sitemap Page

We are using WP Sitemap Page plugin on SmartGeekBlog.

More plugins coming soon…

Note and Conclusion:

Creating the HTML Sitemap with good hierarchy will help visitors and even crawler-bots to know the structure of website. This will indirectly improve Search Result of website or blog.

Apart from HTML sitemap, generating and submit XML Sitemap is also important for indexing new articles.

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