Improves performance of Chrome and Firefox by disabling internal PDF reader

Improve the performance of your browser by disabling the internal PDF reader..and feel the difference

Most browsers are now fully integrated to make our everyday online work easier than ever.However, if a browser add-ons overload, its performance starts to be impaired and loses that desired fluidity that we all seek in a browser.

Though these supplements will be of assistance in many cases, at other times can be a drag on our sailing , so today we will teach you to disable the PDF reader that comes built into Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, to gain back the fluency.

Disable the plugin on Google Chrome

If you have an alternative PDF reader,such as Adobe Reader, you can disable this option in Google Chrome.Thus, every time you go to view a PDF document, this will be downloaded to your team and you can open your default without opening it in a Chrome tab reader. For this you need to perform two steps:

  1. Write chrome: // plugins / in the address bar and wait for it to load the configuration page.
  2. Search Chrome PDF Viewer and check the link Disable .
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Just under Chrome PDF can see Google Earth, another plugin is enabled by default in Chrome and you can disable it if you do not regularly use Earth view in Google Maps. This will gain fluency.

firefox chrome

Disable the reader in Mozilla Firefox

In the same way that Google Chrome can disable PDF viewing engine. In Firefox is done from the options, in an easier way. For doing so the following steps are:

  1. Click on the icon Firefox , select Options> Applications .
  2. In the search box type PDF .
  3. The only option that has appeared to you in the drop down list,select your default PDF reader .
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With these tips you’ll gain some fluency in your browser for loading and reading of PDF documents which is a process that consumes too many system resources and if above is linked to the web browser, the consumer can be pretty crazy. If you know any more trick to improve the performance of your browser, please tell us.

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