Upload and install WordPress Theme from local drive

Upload WordPress theme
A tutorial and video demo on how to upload and install any WordPress theme from local drive of your computer to WordPress installation.

Hello guys, this is a quick demo on how to upload and install any WordPress theme from local drive of your computer to new WordPress installation.

To do, there are two ways to install new themes:

  1. One-click installing from WordPress theme directory
  2. Upload from local drive to WordPress

We will follow the second method for this article, I will also add an article to install theme using One-click from WordPress directory. To install new theme on WordPress blog, you need to log into your dashboard with username and password.

Follow below steps to continue installation of WordPress theme from local:

  • login to WordPress Dashboard
  • under Appearance tab you will see Themes, click on it.
  • On Themes page at top of the screen you will have button to Add New click on it.
  • At the top of add new screen you will have Upload Theme button, click on it.
  • You will be now navigated to Upload Themes page.
  • Click on Browse and select desired theme from local drive and
  • Click on Install Now button
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After installing you will have three options: Live Preview, Activate and Return to theme page. Click on Activate link to activate and review theme on main site. Now navigate back to your home page and check your new theme appearance. Theme will be successfully activated and applied to WordPress blog.

I hope this tutorial is enough for you to help you learn uploading local any WordPress Theme. I have also uploaded a video on MatruDEV YouTube channel.

If you are not able to upload or facing any issue, then feel free to post in below comments. We will like to hear from you. Thank you guys cheers!

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