How to Install Sony Xperia Z2 Camera App on Any Android Phone

Learn How to Install Sony Xperia Z2 Camera App on Any Android Phone on

The camera application on the SONY Xperia Z2 has some awesome features that everyone wants to get. Not only it can be used to capture images and record videos, the camera app on SONY Xperia Z2 also has some editing features all of which can be done in the Camera application. Many features such as AR Effects and Motion Shot feature which might be the envy of other users besides SONY Xperia devices.

It also comes with Motiongraph, AR Effect, and Social Live. Until now, most of these features are exclusive only for Xperia Z2 users, but one XDA user named Vipul Verma has managed to port it to work with almost all devices running Android 4.1 and up.

You will need a Custom Recovery for flashing the camera, so make sure you already have it and have downloaded the unlocked bootloader.

Step 1: Set up your phone

Before we install the new camera, be sure to make a backup. Because when you follow this process, it will add some files to your system, so if anything goes wrong, you can restore the backup, it can be done easily from TWRP -> Backup.

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Step 2: Download the required files

Download the required files and copy it to the root of the SD CARD, after this, reboot your phone into Recovery Mode.

Download Xperia Z2 Camera

Step 3: Wipe cache partitions

Once you boot into TWRP Recovery Mode, touch the menu, Select partition to wipe, then select the Cache and Dalvik Cache. Now the device will wipe, and you are ready to install.


Step 4: Flashing the Camera

In the TWRP, tap Install, select the zip file you downloaded earlier, and swipe to confirm flash. Select Wipe Dalvik Cache after flash process is finished, then press Reboot.


Xperia Z2 Camera Features

There will be no special icons for the different camera modes, but you can open each of the features in the application. You can also put the Xperia Camera on home screen as widget for quick access to four different camera modes.

Social Live

Social Live is an easy way to broadcast your live events to your Facebook friends.

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AR Effect

AR Mode Effects can add augmented reality capabilities to your camera.


Motionshot can record a short video, then unify several different frames together to create a photo that shows the development of moving objects in the photo.



Motiongraph, is a video recording which allows you to choose some part of it that will continue to move, and which ones will not move.

Wikitude Places

Wikitude is a sort of Yelp Monocle Places or Foursquare, but instead just show the restaurant, this app also includes sights, hotels, events, and more. You need to grant permissions to this application so that your location data to obtain accurate results, so make sure that the location services enabled.

Background Defocus feature is also included in this application package, but this feature is broken / not support the many smartphone devices, including the Nexus 5 us. So we will continue to use Google Camera for the feature.

Developer have stated that he will plan to do a lot more ports than the above features.


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