Intellinote: a simple way to manage projects and teamwork

Intellinote is a multiplatform tool that helps business teams to collaborate and work together in an easy and simple way.

Business models have integrated web tools to stay ahead against changes that have undergone dynamic labor worldwide. It is a fact and not need a physical space to work in a corporate  because the technology has overcome these barriers by enabling teams can collaborate anytime from anywhere.

There are many alternatives in the market that offer business solutions for teamwork and possibly each offers different advantages according to the needs of companies. Today we present a tool that fits perfectly in any company, regardless of its size.


Intellinote Demo

Inellinote is a software company founded in 2013, dedicated to developing business platforms that facilitate collaboration of all team members in the development of projects. With Intellinote you can perform three main functions: Capture any ideas, notes, file or document to remember everything,Collaborate with your team, assign tasks and share anything and complete all projects, tasks and to-do lists easily.

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It offers a trial version to evaluate the product before purchasing. It is multiplatform,so you can use it on your desktop computer through your web platform and mobile devices through applications for iOS and Android.

The main desk has a very clean interface and is easy to locate all the elements, so that the user can start capturing data in a note, make them a task and assign it to certain people, start a debate, attach files and share among team members or with customers and suppliers. Intellinote integrates in one place tasks that possibly would have to be made ​​at least four tools (capture notes, create documents, share files, email), so that companies can reduce costs and increase its productivity.

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