iOS Vs Android OS Vs Windows Phone OS, which is better Mobile OS

Android Vs iOS Vs Windows Phone
Planning to buy a new smartphone but confused which OS to buy? Check out this article to know which OS is best for you and your smartphone.

Currently, the market is dominated by three major operating systems for your mobile device- iOS, Android and Windows. So if you are buying yourself a new smartphone you might get confused about which operating system is going to power your mobile.

Even if you have used a smartphone before and you are planning to upgrade, you might want to consider the pros and cons of using a different OS.

So here is a brief discussion on what the three OSes has to offer:

Design and UI:

Windows Phone

Windows Phone has a tiled interface, which are resizable and they flip to show info about the app.

It contains a home screen where app shortcuts are put as tiles and swiping to the left gives a list of apps installed on the device.

Customization options are limited to just changing colors and resizing the tiles.


The stock version of Android contains a home screen where you can put app shortcuts and widgets.

The app drawer can be found via a button on the home screen.

Customization possibilities are endless, Android can even be made to look like Windows or iOS.


iOS is very similar in looks to Android. It has a home screen and a button to enter the App Drawer.

But iOS doesn’t have Widgets nor Customization options as varied as Android. It is as crippled in this department as Windows Phone.


Windows Phone

Windows Phone is a very light weight and lag free OS. It is a very smooth experience to use a Windows Phone, and the user always praise its responsiveness.


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Android has earned a name in the market as lagdroid. Yes, it is true that Android is laggy but mostly low-end phones.

All the high-end Android phones are just as responsive the other OSes.

And if they are a device with specifications from Google, which is the case with the Nexus series and the Android One series, then it is completely lag free and fairly responsive.


iOS just like Windows Phone is also light weight and lag free. Since iOS software and hardware are built by Apple alone, it is very well balanced and maintained.

iOS users can’t stop praising their mobiles.


Windows Phone

Window Phone is in 3rd place in this department. The Windows store has the least number of applications when compared to the other two major OSes.

But all of the important and basic apps are covered in the Windows Store. Also with the recent launch of Windows 10, Windows phone will be able to run Android as well as iOS apps.


Android is the leader in this field. It has the most number of applications in its Google Play Store.

From all the necessities to all the mindless junk, Google Play has got you covered.


iOS is second in this field; though it is a close competitor to Google and way ahead of the Windows store app count.

The apps Apple misses in Google Play, won’t be used by you even if you used android.


Windows Phone

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Microsoft Mobiles formerly Nokia are the leading Windows Phone providers. Though there are likes of Samsung and HTC who have launched some Windows phone devices in the past.


Android manufacturers are countless. Starting from some small industries to international ones like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, there are plenty of variety in Android devices in the market.

Again with such high competition, it is very certain that the customer is the one benefiting.


iOS devices or iPhones are solely designed and developed by Apple.

This isn’t a bad thing because they bring a great harmony between hardware and software and deliver a great OS that people adore.


So the question comes down to whether you want to buy a high-end phone or not?

If you want a high-end device then your choice should be between iOS and Android.  Opt for Android if customization is a must. And if a solid build, reliability is more important to you then iOS is your partner.

If you want low end or mid range devices then your choice is between Windows Phone and Android.

If a smooth experience is compulsory and you don’t mind owning loads of apps the go for Windows, it’s quite good and improving dramatically. But if Android is a must since Android is the most popular OS in the world then go for it. But low-end devices are generally a little buggy and not up to date, so view the device reviews first.

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