Know whether you are blocked or removed by anyone in WhatsApp

Check block contact via WhatsApp Web
Inspect your WhatsApp messenger to check, know and confirm whether you have been blocked or removed by anyone in contact in WhatsApp App.

Yes of-course you can know and check whether anyone of your contact, friend or foe is blocking you intentionally. There are two ways to check whether you are blocked or not.

Here are tips to check whether you are blocked by person:

Updated: checking with WhatsApp Web:

Few months back WhatsApp added Whatsapp Web for accessing chat conversation from web browser like chrome for better usability. So we are going to use same WhatsApp for web to check the status of block.

  1. Login using WhatsApp for Web.
  2. Click on New Chat icon.
  3. Search for the person to whom you wanted to check.
  4. Check Status on WhatsApp.
  • If WhatsApp status on WhatsApp Web is appearing as “Hey there, I am using WhatsApp.” but from mobile phone if it is appearing as BLANK then you are 101% blocked by person.
  • If WhatsApp status on Web as well as on mobile phone is appearing as BLANK then your contact is not added and they have made privacy setting restricted to contact only.
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I have personally checked with me and my friend’s device for confirmation, the above method works like charm.

Check block contact via WhatsApp Web

Check block contact via WhatsApp Web

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There are few alternative method to check whether you have been blocked by a person.

NO status under contact name:

WhatsApp Online Status

WhatsApp Online Status

There will be NO status such as Online or Last seen at… in chat window. It will be completely blank. If it is so than you might been blocked by person.

Note: Make sure you have working connection ON, sometimes without packet data it won’t show statuses.

WhatsApp Contact Blocked

WhatsApp Contact Blocked

Message not delivered:

Blocking a contact means, he/she won’t be able to send you messages. If you are blocked you then you wont be able to send him/her any messages.

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So check whether your message are getting delivered or not. This can be checked by looking at tick mark beside your message.

For 1 Tick mark: Your message is sent but not delivered to contact.

For 2 Tick mark: Your message is sent and delivered to contact.

For 2 Tick mark in Blue Color: Your message is read by receiver.

In blocked case, you will be getting only one tick mark means your messages have been sent but didn’t delivered to person.

Update: Due to Privacy Setting (Last Seen, Hide statue and Profile Pic), it had became very difficult to track but latest added using WhatsApp Web works awesome.

Note and Conclusion:

If you have successfully tested all the cases and you got it correct. Then confirm that you are blocked.

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8 Responses

  1. Sanjay says:


    I have tried with whatsapp web. There is no status in both mobile and whatsapp web for the contact I am looking for , whether blocked or not. Moreover, I am getting double tick(though only grey, not blue..may b not seeing on purpose). But am I blocked?

  2. sidharth says:

    I already blocked one account. . after 2 months, I unblocked him and send a message… but it wont received by him.. its just one tick mark is coming. how can I restart chat with him?

  3. Tay says:

    Hi, I wondering if I’ve been blocked. I can see his profile picture, status and last online but my most recent message is only popping up with one grey tick to say it’s been sent but not delivered ?

  4. Tay says:

    I left it 4 days before sending a message yesterday as I didn’t want to make a fool of myself vy seeming to keen if he has indeed blocked me, and I can still see his profile picture, his status and his last seen online and still only got one grey tick. Safe to say I do indeed feel like an idiot, if he wanted to talk to me he would so obviously not which leads me to believe he has blocked me some how ?

  5. ALB says:

    I have the same problem as Tay. I sent a message to my contact at 12:00. They went onlinr at 17:00. My message still had only one tick mark. I sent another message. She hasn’t gone online since then but it also has one tick. I can see her profile picture, status and last seen, and I don’t know why on earth she would try to ignore me anyway. I can only think that she has something like WhatsApp plus that leaves all messages with only one tick, and then proceeded to ignore me. I don’t know. Please help me.

  6. A says:

    I have checked mobile and whatsapp web and both say “Hey there, I am using WhatsApp”

    She’s always had her last seen time stamp hidden when I’ve been in contact before. I sent a message about 4 hours ago and it has been stuck on one tick?! Is it possible I have been blocked?

    I Thought it could be due to bad connection, but her FB Messenger says she was active 20mins ago??

  7. LJ says:

    Why when I’ve blocked someone can I still see their last seen, status, picture… Can he also see my last seen?

  8. Binsi says:

    My problem is i can see the person’s last seen and do and status. But the messages are not yet delivered even wen the person came online. Please help. What myt be the problem?

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