Kodak could return in 2015 with cameras, mobile phones and tablets

For decades, Kodak was the brand worldwide reference in photography but lost his way but the company now rebuilding itself to clinch the top spot of the market

Do you remember the brand name Kodak ? A couple of decades ago it was such a popular brand like today the Sony, Samsung or Apple.

It was the maker of cameras and most popular reels planet and its stores revealed in the thousands worldwide. But then came the digital cameras and smartphones. People stopped revealing photos, sales plummeted compact cameras, Kodak did not know how to evolve to digital photography and almost fell into oblivion.

Today it sells printers and commercial and professional photocopiers, film material for film production, sensors for touch screens and other specialized hardware. However, if the rumors are confirmed then Kodak could return to the consumer market in 2015 with a catalog of cameras, smartphones and tablets focused on photography and sharing in the cloud.

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Kodak products

According to the website PhoneArena, there have been persistent rumors that Kodak could have reached an agreement with the manufacturer Bullit to make a range of Android mobile devices that offer the best software for managing photos, along with a great design and a great experience for Users.

This range would be composed of two smartphones, a tablet and a pluggable camera . Not specify other via WiFi, with direct Internet connection or Bluetooth, to exchange data with other devices or PC.The report claims that the devices will have “the best photo capture, image management and sharing with others “along with” advanced remote management software “.

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The Kodak smartphones offer all the functionality present in smartphones in Android high-end , providing users with advanced services to share pictures or print professionally.

The first of these smartphones with Android Kodak be presented at the upcoming exhibition CES 2015 to be held in early January in Las Vegas.

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