Compare Linux Server Vs Windows Server for web hosting

A simple comparison of Linux web server and windows web server for hosting website based on performance, resources, usability and robostness

Web Hosting companies offers web servers mainly based on two type on Operation System. Linux OS and Windows Server OS. Among these we have here to explain which is best in terms of different selection criteria.

Performance: Linux Server

Linux server performance is better than Windows server. Linux uses less amount of RAM, less disk space for installation. Even booting time for Linux is very fast than Windows. Usage of Hardware resources is pretty much less in Linux.

UsabilityLinux Server

Usage of Linux is very simple without GUI. Just need to know few Linux Administration commands. Whereas Windows need a GUI interface to handle. It can also be used by Terminal similar to Linux but I found Linux as simpler. Linux provide root access to user but Windows restrict root access.

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ResourceLinux Server

Online resources to learn Linux Server are available more than Windows Administration. Being simpler and open sources, made the Linux favorite for developers. Also due to root permissions in Linux, its easier for them to use, develop and customize according to the need.

RobustnessLinux Server

Linux is free and open source, while Windows is paid software with limited licensing control. Hence moving the installation from one system to other or on multiple system is merely possible for Windows.

Customization: Linux Server

Linux OS can be customized easily according to our need. We can improve performance, add or install apps, software, etc. by using terminal. It is hardly possible for Windows server to customizes, we need to pre-order the customized version, if need and that may charge some extra bucks.

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Pricing: Linux Server

As Windows is property of Microsoft Corp. it is being charged based on licence copy. Whilst Linux is open source software and freely available to download, install, develop and sell.

Support: Windows Server

Linux OS is support by open community developers which help to make it better, while Microsoft Windows servers is backed by experience and well trained developers.

Linux Server Vs Windows Server

Linux Server Vs Windows Server

Note and Conclusion:

Keeping all above mentioned points we recommend to use Linux server based OS of any web hosting. And most of webmaster prefer to go with Linux OS.

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