I love WordPress as blogging and content management software

I love WordPress because it's free open-source with rich in features, unlimited themes, can be tweak by plugins, free online source to learn

I love WordPress blogging platform because there are hell lot of reasons which I can explain every. But still, I will try to explain some basics why I fall in love with WordPress CMS. And yes, I am migrant, I have migrated from Google’s Blogger long ago.

WordPress gives you full control on what you want present and how you want to present. It will allow you to tweak existing functionality to make it more useful and way you wanted to look like.

Here are some basics which made me huge fan of WordPress:

Free and Open Source software:

One of the major reason why people and even I love about WordPress is that it’s a free and open source blogging software. Major of it’s developers just love to develop this software to get more out of it. WordPress is developed day by day adding more features in it.

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Free Theme for look:

WordPress theme directory has millions of themes and templates for you site. You have lot of options to choose how you site should look and how your theme should be.

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Free Plugins to fuel up:

WordPress plugin directory is filled up with millions of plugins. These plugins are use for tweaking your WordPress installation basic files and add more functions then existing. (using more plugins consume more hardware resources like RAM and space).

Support Community:

WordPress has support community were developers and domain experts solve issues. This support forum is most active forum present online. WordPress CMS, theme, plugin developers are always active and support with resolving users query.

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Learning WordPress Blogging Platform:

Just Google “Create blog with WordPress”, there will be billions of website  pages where you can learn WordPress from installation setup to usage.

Note and Conclusion:

There are still lot of reasons which will be updated more in future. If any one ask me to choose form WordPress, Blogger, or upcoming Ghost, I will definitely choose and recommend to use WordPress Blogging platform.

Even DigitSpeak is proudly powered by WordPress.

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