Maintain Facebook Group active and increase members

To maintain a Facebook Group, Admin has very important role and must follow few tips to keep the group actively running and increase members

Recently, have created our own group on Facebook with same name SmartGeek Facebook Group (We would be more than happy if you join group and be the part of us and participate in discussion).

This article is just and excerpt of what Facebook suggests to keep a group active.

  1. Tell people why you created the group – Enter Group Description.
  2. Give some examples of things to post – Post Few Questions and Ask other group members.
  3. Welcome new people – Invite and Welcome every new member.
  4. Let members know they can invite others – Change setting to allow members to invite there friends.
  5. Give the group time to get going – Keep on engaging your group by frequent publishing the post.
  6. Comment on posts by members – Reply to every possible post with value.
  7. Look for interesting things to post – Look out around the most interesting topics related to group motto.
  8. Ask questions – Ask question and keep engaging with conversation
  9. Tag people in posts – Tag the prominent people in a post if required.
  10. Check in at least once a week – Keep track of changes and updates in group.
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Read detail about maintaining group with Facebook uploaded PDF document for Group Admins.

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