Manage your personal finances with Pennies

The app Pennies, record your daily expenses to know what things you're spending more and learn to manage your personal finances with this user-friendly app.

The expenditure leakage or also called ant expenses are those who deal daily refreshments, tips, cigarettes, candy and even alms; are expenditures we make unconsciously without considering the impact it can have on our economy.A recent study showing that the average individual can occupy up to 20 thousand dollars a year in this type of expenditure was made.

Therefore it is important to have tools that allow us to adequately control our finances and not have surprises at the end of the fortnight. In this sense, the application that we present today will help you with this task so simple and fun.


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Pennies is a new iOS app that helps you manage your personal finances instantly. The developer Magnetic Zero says it’s an application like never seen before or used. Pennies has interesting features for tracking your daily expenses .

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With this application you can take the record of your daily expenses by assigning a color to each category to more easily distinguish an expense of another. Adds additional expenses and budgets in seconds and allows you to assign weekly, monthly or specific budgets .Pennies lets you view the amount of money you have to spend today to see how these charges will affect your budget for tomorrow. Only you need to set the date and amount if you plan a trip and want to calculate the budget you need. Also you can use any currency symbol, if any, in your budgets.

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Pennies avoids complex charts and graphs that show your spending history of a very clean and simple, and at a glance can see how much you’ve spent in a period of time, this will let you know how things are spending more and can help you to plan saving strategies.

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Some tricks to use Pennies

  • Swipe up and down to see your balance by day, week or month.
  • Swipe left or right to scroll through all your budgets.
  • Add new expenses in seconds with General Add button.
  • Edit your budget at any time.
  • Displays the history and health of your expenses.
  • Enter the configuration with a double tap on the screen.

So try the app Pennies, start saving and take the opportunity to buy the things you always wanted with the savings.

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