Increase productivity using Microsoft Office software tips

Microsoft Office Tips
These are speedy tips and tricks that can be used in Microsoft Office to increase your work productivity while working with Office programs

In most of the offices, schools, companies, Microsoft Office software is use to complete work of documentation. So in order to work better and faster, you have to use some of the tips while working and keeping ahead of others.

Note: Article is developed and updated regularly with new tips and work around.

So here some beautiful tips on Microsoft Office program:

#1: Clear formatting (Word and PowerPoint)

To remove formatting from selected text, press Ctrl+Spacebar.

#2: Advanced field search (Outlook)

In Outlook, you can quickly search through a mail folder by using the Instant Search box. In addition to searching for keywords, you can do a fielded search by prefixing your search text with a variety of field names.

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For instance, the above example searches for all mail from people named “jimmy” sent in May with attachments that have “jpg” in the file name. I most often use this feature for two things: to easily find email from a specific person, and to find specific attachments.

#3: Presenter view (PowerPoint)

PowerPoint has for many years had a great feature called Presenter View, which allows you as the presenter to see a different view of the presentation from your audience. In Presenter View, your monitor shows not only the slides, but also your notes as well as the current elapsed time in the presentation. This makes giving a presentation far easier. To enable Presenter view, go to the Slide Show ribbon and check Use Presenter View. In that same section, you can also change the monitor which the presentation is shown on.

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Note: Use Presenter View check-box can only be checked if you already have a second monitor connected and enabled.

Note and Conclusion:

Article is developing

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