Microsoft Portable Power : a powerful 6,000mAh portable charger

Microsoft is getting better with time and they no their customers need and so they introduced portable power charger which easy to carry.

Mobile technology is currently a major landmark in our daily activities, where the functions that make up the new devices, whether they be laptops, tablets and smartphones are useful for consumers. The only downside of these integrate high-end products is the poor battery life, which affects the majority of devices and which enters a paradox mobiles energy unaccountable a single day,thus not meet expectations fully.For that reason, there are companies that claim to meet the great need for presenting products that can help solve the problem of premature battery shortage in the devices. Microsoft, the Redmond giant is also convinced that the problem should be addressed soon with the help of external products.

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Microsoft Portable Power

Here’s how the company has filed a small accessory which will be of much use. The Portable Power DC-21 is a portable charger manufactured by Microsoft, where it will offer performance and autonomy when feeding the battery of our device via USB cable. Accessory integrate the famous Universal adapter Miracast, direct competition to Google Chromecast is compatible with most of the Lumia range.

The Microsoft Portable Power DC-21 is packed with a battery 6.000 mAh and maintains a weight of only 145 grams and has a thickness of 25.5 mm. Microsoft secures that this portable power charger can charge to 80% capacity in approximately 3 hours and also in 4 hours will be charged in full. The gadget is available in orange, green and white, offering a friendly and modern look. The accessory will have a final price of $ 49 about 39 euros to change and will be available later this month. No doubt the boys from Redmond offer us an alternative to provide extra power to our terminals with their Microsoft Portable Power.

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