Microsoft Promo: Giving away up to 200 GB free OneDrive

Looking for free cloud storage space then maybe its a good time to know about the OneDrive promotional package by Microsoft.

We know that at key moments, different companies offer promotions to give some air to their Cloud storage services. For now, Microsoft services are becoming increasingly more dependent on their cloud, so when we are offered free online space, not more catch. What you can use for everything from storing Office documents to movies or any content of your smartphone with Windows Phone.

The main menu is the Bing Rewards. Microsoft’s browser is not popular, but the fact is that by using the service we can achieve some rewards, including 100 GB of free storage on OneDrive. All you have to do is follow the link that we leave here and sign in with your Microsoft account. 

Yes, the system Bing Rewards is not enabled in all countries. In fact, we have not got, tell us if you have had better luck. We tested with Chrome Plug Hello and still not working, but probably you can do something to change the country of residence of your Microsoft account. Namely.

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The fact is that if this will not work, you can always access the other 100 GB free storage of OneDrive . The purpose of this is not to reward users Dropbox, but convince them it replaces that with OneDrive.

Yes, it seems so legal, allowing you to compare the two services and stay with the one you like. To do this, you only have to follow this link to activate the promotion of OneDrive Bonus. This promotion is much simpler to activate and gives many problems, so for now is the best choice. Questions, suggestions, opinions and comments whatever you wish to share.

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